ingrid at beach

Ingrid M. Rieser -  filmmaking and research

I was one of the disillusioned economics students who wanted more from my education. I thought there must be better ways of educating economists, and soon found other students and academics that shared my concerns.

Wanting to delve further into the subject, I chose it as the topic of my MA dissertation. After the initial research I started traveling around the UK, France and Sweden, doing interviews with people involved in improving economics education. Through the film I've tried to communicate the findings of my research and tell the important story of how economics education is being transformed.

To see my other film projects, please visit my Youtube channel here


Marta Pettersson - soundtrack and sound design

Marta is a musician and composer, who is currently studying Music and Media Production at the Royal School of Music in Stockholm. To hear more of her musical projects check out her band Wuthering Height, or listen to her songs on Soundcloud.